Online Casino Games

Online Casino Games

The online casino industry is thriving.

There are hundreds of casinos on the web, offering hundreds of variations on different games.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll go through most of them and talk about casino games with best odds.

Let’s jump right in!

Best Online Casino Games to Play in the US

In this section, we’ll talk about all the popular games in online casinos at the moment. Hopefully, it should help you find the ones that suit your requirements.

Online Slots

Online slots are the most popular type of casino game. Entirely based on chance, slots only require you to click the Spin button and hope for the best possible outcome. There are thousands of slots available on the web, and each of them has a unique set of features and symbols.

Online Blackjack

Blackjack is the most popular card game in casinos as it has the lowest house edge that you can further decrease by applying the right strategy. The game comes in many different variants, and some versions even offer exciting side bets.

Online Craps

This popular dice game is now available in online casinos. Craps offers all kinds of bets, and some of them have a pretty low house edge, meaning there’s more of a chance for you to throw a winning hand.

Online Roulette

Online roulette needs no introduction. Place inner or outer bets and wait for the ball to land in one of the pockets. If you make the right bet, you’ll get paid accordingly.

Roulette comes in three popular variants — European, French, and American. Choose the one you like the most and have fun!

Online Video Poker

Based on draw poker, online video poker comes in all shapes and sizes, including Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, Bonus Poker, and more. Online casinos usually offer dozens of video poker variations.

Texas Hold’em Poker

The most popular of all poker games, Texas hold’em is played by millions of players worldwide and is now available in online casinos. The only difference between poker rooms and online casinos offering the game is that you’ll play it against the casino instead of other players if you choose the latter.

Two-Face Blackjack

Two-Face Blackjack is a variation on the standard blackjack game. The main difference is that the dealer must expose their hole card if the up card is a face card. The game uses 48-card decks (tens excluded) and pays even money for a winning blackjack.

Two-to-One Baccarat

Played mostly in Australian casinos, Two-to-One Baccarat doesn’t charge a commission on banker bets. Moreover, if a winning three-card total is eight or nine, the payout is 2:1 on both banker and player. Also, a tie means you lose.

Three-Card Holdem

Three-Card Hold’em is a simpler version of Texas Hold’em as you only play it against the dealer. Only three community cards are dealt, instead of five, and the side with the better hand wins.

Six-Card Poker 1-2-5

In this poker version, the players and the dealer each get five cards, with one dealer’s card being face-up. Players can fold or raise, but also buy the sixth card or exchange cards with the dealer. The best hand wins.

Seven-Up Baccarat

The only difference between this and standard baccarat is that the player’s hand always starts with a seven. Because of that, the odds and payouts are different in Seven-Up Baccarat.

Alphabetic Roulette

If you don’t like math but have a knack for letters, you might enjoy this roulette variant, based on the alphabet. All of the rules are pretty similar to standard roulette, except you’ll bet on A – Z, with Y and Z replacing the zeros.

Asia Poker

Asia Poker is a variation of Pai Gow. Players get seven cards, and they have to make three separate hands — high (four cards), medium (two cards), and low (one card). To win against the dealer, players need to win in two out of three hands.

Asian Stud

The goal of this game is to have more points than the dealer. Players get five face-down cards that they can evaluate and decide whether to raise, fold, or check. The scoring system is identical to baccarat, meaning aces are worth one point, 2–9 are worth their numerical value and 10, J, Q, and K are worth ten.

Baccarat Gold

Baccarat Gold is a simplified version of baccarat that aims to make baccarat rules easier to learn. Also, the house edges on the player and banker in this game are closer than in standard baccarat.

Bet the Deck

Bet the Deck is a variation on Five-Card Stud. Players receive only one card, and four cards are placed face-down on the table. Players can make bets on the outcome of their hand. The better the hand, the better the payout — just like in video poker.

Big Raise Stud Poker

The player gets three cards, with two community cards placed face-down. They then have only one chance to raise their bet (the alternative is to fold). The maximum they can raise is 4x the ante bet. After that, the community cards are revealed, and players receive a payout according to the paytable.

Big Six Wheel

Inspired by Wheel of Fortune, Big Six Wheel is a simple casino game that offers six different outcomes and 54 wheel segments. After players make an initial bet, the wheel is spun, and players receive prizes if the wheel stops on a paying segment.


Bingo is one of the most popular lottery games. Every player gets a ticket with a random number. Whenever a number they have is selected during the drawing process, they need to cross it out. The player who crosses out an entire line of numbers wins.

Blackjack Challenge

Blackjack Challenge is roughly the same as the standard version of blackjack, except for a few interesting additional rules. For example, a non-busted five-card hand will always win, and blackjack can pay up to 5:1.

Blackjack Plus

Blackjack Plus is another excellent blackjack variation that is usually played in Australia and New Zealand. It uses the five-card Charlie rule, and 21-point hands win automatically. Moreover, there’s an exciting side bet that can bring additional rewards.

Blackjack Super Seven

Super Seven is a blackjack variant with a unique side bet. Essentially, players bet on whether they’ll receive a seven (or several sevens). The highest payout of 5,000 to 1 is achieved if you land three suited sevens. 

Bonus Bowling

Based entirely on luck, Bonus Bowling features a virtual bowler engaged in the popular game. Your job is to make a bet and predict the number of pins that the bowler will knock down.

Bonus Six

Bonus Six is another version of Five-Card Stud. Players have to keep raising their bets to stay in the game. You can also make an insurance bet to get the sixth card and improve your chances of creating a higher-ranking hand. Players are paid according to the provided paytable.

Boston Five-Stud Poker

Boston Five-Stud Poker is a combination of three popular card games — blackjack, stud poker, and Three-Card Poker. Fans of one of those games will find this variation interesting.


La Boule is an old French game similar to modern-day roulette. It features numbers 1-9 and three colors that you can bet on — black, red, and yellow. Before the rubber ball is tossed into the wheel, players need to make bets, just like in roulette.

Break Poker

Break Poker is inspired by rummy and Pai Gow. Every player receives seven cards, and they must make two different sets — the high hand (three cards) and the low hand (two cards). The goal is to have better hands than the dealer.

Burn 20 Blackjack

Similar to classic blackjack, the Burn 20 variation adds a couple of unexpected twists to the game. The most interesting one is that players don’t have to worry about losing to the hard two-card 20. Moreover, if the dealer busts and has 22 points, players left in the game will not win. Instead, a push will take place.

California No-Bust Blackjack

Players can still win if they bust, as long as their busted hand is lower than the dealer’s. This game also features Jokers, and if you get two of them, you win instantly and get paid 2 to 1. As always, the Joker is the wild card, replacing any card you need to reach 21 points.

Canal 21 Blackjack

Canal 21 is a type of blackjack played in Panama (hence the name). The rules are pretty similar, but several different rule modifications require you to adopt a slightly different approach to maximize your chances of winning.

Caribbean 21 Blackjack

In Caribbean 21, the Ace is always worth one, meaning it is impossible to have a two-card blackjack. A ten-value card and an Ace always amount to 11. However, there’s a three-card hand called Caribbean 21 and consists of an Ace and two ten-value cards.

Caribbean Advanced Poker

Like Caribbean stud poker, this version lets players see two of the dealer’s cards instead of one. Everything else, including the paytable, is pretty much the same as Caribbean stud.

Caribbean Hold’em

Caribbean Hold’em rules are identical to Casino Hold’em, except that ante bets are paid even money only if the dealer doesn’t qualify. Moreover, the game comes with a progressive jackpot side bet in many online casinos.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is one of the most popular types of online casino poker. After players make their ante bets (and side bets for progressive jackpots), they receive five face-down cards that they can examine. However, they also get to see one of the dealer’s five cards and decide what to do in the next betting round. The options are to raise the bet or fold. If both the player and the dealer qualify, the better hand will win.

Casino Hold’em

Like other Hold’em games, this one starts with three community cards and two cards to the player and the dealer. If the player decides to proceed, additional two community cards will be dealt. If both the player and the dealer have a qualifying hand, the better one will win.

Casino War

Casino War adds a betting element to another popular card game — War. After the player makes a wager, the dealer will deal one card each to the player and themselves. The higher card wins.

In case of a tie, the bet may be forfeited, or the player can choose to go to war. If the latter happens, the player needs to make an additional bet, and the dealer draws one more card for both sides, with the higher one winning the round.


Similar to Craps, Chuck-A-Luck is played with three dice, and you get to bet on a number you think you’ll get after tossing the dice. You can also make high/low bets if you think the final score would be higher than ten or lower than 11.

Commission Free Pai Gow Poker

This version of Pai Gow doesn’t charge a 5% commission, but some of its rules make up for that. First of all, there is no player banking, and a nine-high in the dealer’s low hand is automatically a push.

Crazy 4 Poker

Crazy 4 Poker is a variation of Three-Card Poker in which you need to make a combination of cards consisting of four instead of three cards while discarding the fifth card. The game often offers exciting side bets.

Criss Cross Poker

Criss Cross Poker is a game developed by In Bet Gaming. What makes it stand out is that the five community cards are placed in a cross pattern, and players must make two bets – ante across and ante down. After receiving two pocket cards, the player must make two hands using the three vertical and the three horizontal hands.

Dazzling Dice

Dazzling Dice borrowed concepts from poker, slots, and dice games. The player tosses 25 poker dice in a five-by-five grid and must create a valid poker hand in one of the 12 paylines.

Dealer Bluff Six Card Poker

In this type of poker, the dealer is the first to make a bet, meaning players have a slight advantage and can make more accurate decisions based on the dealer’s move. This also adds an element of intrigue to the game. 

Diamond Blackjack

Diamond Blackjack is very similar to Super Fun 21, but several different rules affect how you need to approach the game. The most important rule is that blackjack in diamonds pays 2:1.

Double Action Roulette

This roulette variation uses two rings with numbers on a single wheel. When the ball lands in a pocket, two results will appear — from the inner and outer rings. Players can choose to bet on one or both of the rings.

Double Attack Blackjack

Double Attack Blackjack comes with plenty of alterations to the rules. Perhaps the most important one is that the player can double their bet after the dealer gets the up card. The game is played with eight 48-card decks.

Double Ball Roulette

Double Ball roulette is identical to ordinary roulette, except that two balls are tossed into the wheel. The balls are shot simultaneously and at the same speed so that they don’t hit each other.

Double Draw Poker

In this type of poker, players can draw two times to improve their hands. After two draws, the hand is paid according to the paytable, and the minimum paying hand is two pair.

Double Exposure Blackjack

In Double Exposure Blackjack, both of the dealer’s cards are exposed, giving the player more information that they can use to make a decision. The dealer wins in all ties, except for natural blackjack, and player blackjack pays even money. Moreover, the player is allowed to split only once.

Doublet Blackjack

Gamesys N.V created Doublet Blackjack, which features a unique set of rules that make it different from the original game. The most important rule is that players can use the Double Down Rescue, meaning they can surrender after doubling, but only if they didn’t go bust after the double.

Draw Hi-Lo

In this simple game, the player bets whether the next card from the deck will be higher or lower than the card they see on the screen. Make sure to pay attention to the odds!

Easy Over Under

Easy Over Under is a pretty simple casino game involving both dice and cards. In this mix of craps and hi-lo card games, players bet whether the amount from two dice would be over or under the points they received from the card.

Exchange Blackjack

Exchange Blackjack is similar to ordinary blackjack, except players get to make a wide array of prop bets against each other. It’s like combining blackjack with the stock market!

EZ Pai Gow Poker

EZ Pai Gow Poker doesn’t charge the 5% commission, but the hand will always be a push if the dealer has a Queen-high five-card hand. Moreover, players are allowed to make four exciting side bets. The game comes in two variants — Partially Wild Joker and Fully Wild Joker.

Face-Up Three-Card Poker

This variation of Three Card Poker comes with several different rules, with the most notable one being that dealer’s cards are dealt with one being turned face-up. However, this game usually charges fees of up to 1%.

Flop Poker Bonus

In Flop Poker Bonus, players receive three hole cards and three community cards, but they can only use two community cards to make a five-card hand. Like Texas Hold’em, this type of poker is often regarded as a simplified version of the popular card game.

Flush Rush

Flush Rush is the combination of High Card Flush and Mississippi Stud. The player aims to make as long a flush or straight flush streak as possible and get paid accordingly.

Four-Card Poker

Four-Card Poker is a variation on Three-Card Poker in which players receive four instead of three cards every round. Dealers do not need to make a qualifying hand, and players can raise their bets to 3x their ante. Also, the dealer gets to draw an additional card to improve their hand.

Free Bet Blackjack

In Free Bet Blackjack, players don’t have to risk additional money if they decide to split or double. However, to compensate for that, if the dealer gets 22, all the remaining bets will result in a push.

Free Online Blackjack

This is standard blackjack, except you don’t use real money to play it. Instead, the casino will provide fake money that you can use to enjoy this popular card game.

Heads Up Hold’em

Heads Up Hold’em is a variation on Texas Hold’em that is played against the dealer. However, the game also comes with a set of unique rules that you should consider before making your first bet.

High Card Flush

The game is similar to Caribbean Stud Poker and Three Card Poker, as players can only choose to fold or raise. However, their goal is to make the highest possible flush from the available seven-card hand.

High Five Poker

High Five Poker is a combination of Three Card Poker and Pai Gow. It uses a 53-card deck, meaning one joker is included, which can be used in flush and straight hands. If it’s not a part of these hands, the joker acts as an ace.

High Limit Blackjack

The only difference between this and ordinary blackjack is that the betting limits are much looser, meaning you can wager much more money in High Limit Blackjack. Suitable for high rollers! 

High Low Pai Gow Poker

Also known as Hi-Lo Pai Gow, this type of poker allows players to bet on whether their high or low hands would be higher than the dealer’s or not. These side bets are an opportunity to make an extra profit while playing ordinary Pai Gow.

Hold’em Challenge

Like Texas Hold’em, this game allows the player to choose from three sets of two-card hands as their hole cards, with the discarded two sets dealt to virtual opponents. After the five community cards are revealed, the player will be paid according to the in-game paytable if they have the best hand.

Klub Keno

Klub Keno is identical to the standard 40-ball keno with one additional rule. If the Star Ball matches one of your picks, your win is doubled.

Let It Ride

Let It Ride is a combination of video poker games and Hold’em. After the player gets three hole cards, they can decrease their bet or let it ride. The same process is repeated when the two community cards are dealt face-up. 

Lucky 13s Blackjack

All the rules are the same as the standard game of blackjack. The difference is that four 11s, 12s, and 13s are added to the deck.

Lucky Blackjack

In this type of blackjack, players get to bet on the outcome, choosing from one of the available options: 17, 18, 19, 20, or 21 points. They can also bet on blackjack or bust.

Lucky Draw Baccarat

Lucky Draw Baccarat is the perfect combination of baccarat and blackjack. The rules are the same as in the classic baccarat game, except that players can choose to stand or double, adding a layer of excitement.

Lunar Poker

The Russian version of Caribbean Stud Poker allows the player to modify both the dealer’s hand and their own, thus improving the odds. However, the player doesn’t get even money if they beat the dealer, but only pushes the ante.

Mini-Tex Three-Card Hold’em

This simplified version of Texas Hold’em is played against the dealer. Your goal is to beat the dealer with a three-card hand created from two hole and three community cards.

Mississippi Stud

In Mississippi Stud, the player receives two hole cards and three community cards. The community cards are turned face-down, and the player can raise the bet before each card is turned face-up. After all three are revealed, the player is paid according to the paytable. 

Never Bust Blackjack

In this simple blackjack variant, the card that makes either the dealer or the player bust is burned. There are several additional rules that you should take into account, such as no splitting or doubling.

No Bust 21

Two rules make No Bust 21 different from standard blackjack. First, the player still has an option to push, even if they go bust, and second, two jokers are used, and getting them will result in a total of 21 points.

No Flop Pineapple

No Flop Pineapple is played against the dealer. The player and the dealer get three hole cards and have to make a four-card hand with two community cards. The better hand wins! However, both sides must choose to discard one card, except that the player must do it before seeing the community cards, while the dealer gets to see them first.

Oasis Poker

In this Caribbean Stud Poker variation, the player can exchange some of their cards before raising or folding. This feature comes with an additional activation fee — equal to the initial wager.

One for the Money

One for the Money is a unique card game that combines poker with Casino War. The player receives one face-up and the dealer two face-down cards. After that, the player must decide whether to stand, raise, or trade. Once the dealer shows their cards, they select the higher one and compare it to the player’s. The higher card wins!

Online Three-Card Poker

The dealer and the player receive three cards each, and the higher hand wins — simple as that! The player also has an option to increase their original wager after seeing their cards.

Online Baccarat

This game is identical to baccarat, except that it’s played in online casinos.

Online Keno

Online keno is the digital version of the popular game that’s available in online casinos.

Online Pai Gow Poker

Online Pai Gow Poker is the digital counterpart of live Pai Gow Poker, and it’s available in many popular online casinos.

Online Sic Bo

This is the online version of Sic Bo, the famous ancient Chinese game which gained massive popularity in modern-day casinos.

Penalty Shootout

This is a simple animated game in which the player bets on the ball’s direction in a simulated penalty shootout. There are five available options: top, upper left, lower left, upper right, and lower right.

Pick One 21

This game is loosely based on blackjack. Simply put, the player’s goal is to select which one of the two dummy hands will come closer to 21. The player gets to see one card from each hand before making the decision.

Live Dealer Casino Games Online

Some of the most popular online casino games in the US are available in the live dealer format. They feature a human dealer who is streamed live to your device. This makes online casino games more exciting!

There are several popular types of live dealer games. Let’s check them out.

Live Dealer Blackjack

In live blackjack, the dealer will use a real shuffler and deal real cards to players. Using cutting-edge software, the player can select their move — stand, hit, double, and more. Some live blackjack games also offer lucrative side bets.

Live Dealer Roulette

Live roulette features a real wheel and a dealer whose job is to insert the ball into it. In other words, everything happens in a real studio, and the laws of physics decide the outcome. The chips that players use to make bets are digital, though.

Live Dealer Baccarat

Like in blackjack, the dealer will use a real deck of cards and deal them to players on the other side of the screen. The players will use special software to make bets and decide on their next move.

Live Dealer Super Six

Super 6 is a type of baccarat that uses six decks, and all face cards (including 10s) have no value. This game is also very popular in live dealer casinos.

Which Online Casino Games Have the Best Odds?

Simply put, some casino games have better odds than others. Therefore, let’s look at some of the games with the best odds.


Blackjack is widely regarded as the best casino game when it comes to odds, as the house edge is usually around 1% and can be lowered if the right strategy is applied.

Video Poker

The house edge of video poker is between 0.5% and 5%. According to some sources, certain video poker games can have a negative house edge (the player might have an advantage) of -0.71%. (1)


If you use the right strategy, the house edge on baccarat can be as low as 1.06%. This strategy is relatively easy to follow — always bet on the banker.


House edge in craps depends on the type of bet you make, and it’s generally between 1.4% and 5%.


European roulette has a 2.7% house edge, whereas its American counterpart has 5.26%. The double zero pocket makes all the difference.

Online Slots

Online slots usually use the RTP score to determine the odds. RTP stands for return to player and indicates the percentage of money returned to lucky spinners via prizes. The majority of popular online slots have RTPs above 95%.

Other Casino Table Games

The odds can vary a lot depending on the game you play, but most table games require some skill that can further increase your odds and lower the house edge.

Keno & Lottery Games

Keno and lottery games are widely regarded as games with the most unfavorable RTP that can vary between 50% and 95%. Therefore, most professional casino players avoid playing them if they want to make a profit. On the other hand, lottery games are prevalent among casual players.

Playing Casino Games Online

To find the games you like, you need to choose a casino that satisfies your needs. We’ve reviewed some of the best online gambling platforms, their bonuses, available games, payment methods, and more.

Feel free to read them and open an account on the one that you like the most.

Casino Bonuses

Every online casino features a set of bonuses for new and regular players. If you’re joining an online platform for the first time, pay attention to the welcome bonus that can award you with more money and free spins.

Mobile Games

Most online casino games are built using HTML5 technology, which makes them suitable for mobile devices. If you like to gamble on the go, take a look at our mobile casino reviews section.

Casino Deposits

To play games for real money, you need to make a deposit first. Therefore, we reviewed all the available deposit and withdrawal methods in casinos featured on our site.

Free Online Casino Games

Most online casinos offer free online casino games. All you have to do is select the practice option after deciding on the game you wish to play.

The casino will give you practice money that you can use to explore the game, its rules & interface. Once you feel confident enough, you can switch to real-money play.

Free-Play vs. Casino Games for Real Money

Free play may be an exciting way to explore the game, but you’ll not be able to receive real-money prizes that way. Still, if you’re a casual player and play casino games just for the sake of having fun, the free-play mode may be a great option.

On the other hand, if you seek the thrill of winning prizes in casinos, you should consider switching to real money. This way, you’ll have an opportunity to add a layer of excitement to casino games and even earn some cash along the way.

FAQ About Online Casino Games

Below are some of the questions players frequently ask about online casino games.

If you play casino games in a reputable and licensed online casino, chances are they are not rigged. Popular casinos are regularly audited for fairness by independent companies. They make sure that the casinos use a random number generator (RNG) to make the outcomes of the games fair.

Online casino games are developed using various technologies that mimic real-life casino games. Once the designers have done their part, developers add the RNG to ensure they can’t be rigged.

In most cases, you’ll be able to play casino games in your browser. However, some casinos might offer the option to download and install a desktop client or mobile app.

Although there’s no consensus on this, slots, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat are the most popular options.