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Complete Guide on How to Play Online Baccarat in 2024

Real Money Online Baccarat

Online baccarat can be found in most online casinos today. The popularity of this game is second only to blackjack and roulette, and it can be found even on those platforms that do not offer poker.

Regardless of whether you are playing a baccarat game online or in a land-based casino, the rules are almost always the same, and the game’s basic premise is quite simple. Even though it has multiple variations, it’s easy to learn and offers lots of enjoyment for every table game fan.

No one knows exactly when this game was invented, but it is believed to be one of the oldest casino games in the world, as it was allegedly created by an Italian gambler way back in the Middle Ages. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until the 19th century that it started gaining popularity, first among the French nobility and later on across the pond as well. In the 1950s, baccarat started being offered in casinos.

Today, you can find it almost anywhere, and in this piece, you will learn how to play this game and win. You’ll also receive the list of the best online baccarat casinos and some advanced strategies that will help you win more than an average gambler.

Main Rules of Baccarat

As previously stated, baccarat is a simple game. However, you must know that it is mostly based on luck. In essence, all that a player can do is place a bet and wait for the cards to get drawn so that they can see whether they’ve won. And that’s it.

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any rules to this game. Here are the main ones every player needs to know so that they can always play without a hitch:

  • You can place bets on the player, banker, or tie position. The tie bet offers the least chances to win, while player and banker bets are largely the same.
  • Aces are worth 1 point, not 11.
  • Tens and face cards are worth 0 points.
  • All other number cards (from 2 to 9) are at face value.
  • The highest hand value is 9 points — if the total value of a hand goes beyond 9 points, then only the second digit will be taken into account.
  • Your goal in the game is to bet on the highest hand.
  • The player and banker position will receive two cards each every round.
  • Suits do not affect the game.
  • A regular real money baccarat game works with a 6-deck or an 8-deck shoe.

Best Online Baccarat Casinos for Real Money in the USA

As previously mentioned in the article, baccarat is a very popular table game, so you can expect to find it in many online casinos in the US.

Still, you need to be careful when choosing an online baccarat casino, as some of them might offer high commissions, bad wagering requirements, or complicated withdrawal terms and conditions. You should make sure to choose the one that has good bonuses, clearly defined T&Cs, and a large number of payment methods.

It would also be good to join a casino that occasionally offers an online baccarat tournament. This way, you’ll be able to win much more than you usually can.

When it comes to the number of baccarat titles, it’s also good to be a member of a casino that offers multiple variations of this game. The most notable ones are Mini Baccarat, Punto Banco, Chemin de Fer, and Baccarat Banque, so it’s important to make sure these are available as you might want to try all of them at some point.

Other less known baccarat variations include 2 to 1 Baccarat, 7 Up Baccarat, Baccarat Gold, Asian Stud, Punto 2000, Lucky Draw Baccarat, and Super Pan 9.

Mini Baccarat

Mini Baccarat has the same rules as Punto Banco, and these are the rules online baccarat games use as well. It’s important to mention that Mini Baccarat uses lower bet limits, which makes this game perfect for an average player looking to have fun.  Still, high-rollers may want to choose another variant.

Punto Banco

Punto Banco is the most common variation of baccarat. As a result, it has found its place in most casinos that offer this table game. The rules of online baccarat are based on Punto Banco, so after reading this article and learning about every advanced baccarat winning strategy, you will have all the knowledge necessary to play this variation.

Chemin de Fer

Chemin de Fer is one of the oldest variations of baccarat and the version that’s still played in France and Monte Carlo. The game is quite popular, as it allows for a lot of strategizing, which is not something players typically get to do in baccarat. Consequently, it’s important to read up on some advanced strategies to learn how to play the version well.

Baccarat Banque

Baccarat Banque is one of the oldest versions of baccarat. It originated in France at the same time as Chemin de Fer. One of the most important characteristics of this game is that the casino always holds the banker position. Also, Baccarat Banque is always played with three decks of cards, and a table can seat from 10 to 16 players.

How to Play Online Baccarat for Real Money in 7 Easy Steps

Learning how to play online baccarat is quite easy. However, it’s important to go into greater detail to fully explain how this game works.

Bet on the Banker’s Hand, Player’s Hand, or a Tie

Each game starts with players getting the chance to place their bets. Every player can bet on the banker’s or player’s position. Alternatively, they can bet on a tie between the two. The baccarat table has three positions for each of these bets.

Even though you can place any of these three, the general advice is to bet either on the player’s or the banker’s position, as the chance of winning is sufficiently high for both, while a tie is the least likely to happen. The baccarat house edge explains why this is the case:

  • The banker bet has a 0.79% house edge and usually a commission fee of 5% that the player needs to pay if they win. All in all, the banker’s hand wins 45.8% of the time.
  • The player bet comes with a 1.52% house edge, which is worse than the previous one. However, once you consider the commission fee, you will see that the player’s hand is largely the same as the banker’s. This hand wins 44.6% of the bets.
  • The tie bet has a 17.27% house edge, as it is the least probable outcome in baccarat by far. As previously stated, all advanced baccarat winning strategies advise you to avoid this bet completely.

As for payouts, the banker and player positions come with a 1:1 payout, while a tie yields a 9:1 payout.

Cards are Dealt

Once the bets have been placed, the cards are dealt. In most cases, both the player and the banker position get two cards each. However, sometimes they get three, which will be explained in steps five and six. The goal is to get the highest point value, which is 9. The position with the highest number of points wins the hand.

Everyone can see the cards as soon as they are dealt, and the dealing process is always the same. One card is first dealt to the banker’s position and then to the player’s position. The process is repeated immediately after, so both positions have two cards each.

Point Totals of Both Sets of Cards are Announced

Once the cards are dealt, the point totals for both positions are instantly announced, and winners get paid.

Here’s how the points are calculated:

Cards Points
From 2 to 9 Face value — from 2 to 9 points
10s and face cards 0 points
Ace 1 point

It’s important to note that if a hand’s total value goes over 9 points, only the second number of the total point amount is used. So, a 6 and a 7 do not count as 13 points but as 3. That way, the total number of points for a position can never go over 9.

Natural Win

If one of the two positions has a point total of 8 or 9, the winner is announced. This is called a natural win, and it signifies that the game is over. Bets are then immediately cashed out, and those who have won get paid while those who haven’t lose their stake.

For instance, if you’ve placed a bet on the player’s position and it has won more points than the banker’s position (a total of 8 or 9), you win. However, if both positions have less than 8 points, then the third card is dealt.

Player Gets the Third Card

If no position has obtained the natural win, sometimes the third card needs to be dealt. Here are the rules for when the third card is dealt to the player position:

Player’s hand Third card
From 0 to 5 points total The third card is dealt
From 6 to 7 points total The third card is not dealt

Banker Gets the Third Card

The banker’s hand also gets a third card when there is no natural win. If the player has not been dealt the third card, then the rules that have been mentioned in the previous section apply to the banker’s hand as well. However, if the player does get the third card, the rules are as follows:

Player’s third card Banker’s hand
8 0–2 points — draws card 3–7 points — stays
6 or 7 0–6 points — draws card 7 points — stays
4 or 5 0–5 points — draws card 6–7 points — stays
2 or 3 0–4 points — draws card 5–7 points — stays
9, 10, face card, or Ace 0–3 points — draws card 4–7 points — stays

Winning Hand is Calculated

Based on the rules from the previous two steps, the winning hand is calculated. The rules might seem slightly confusing, but they always result in the same thing — the position with the highest number of points wins the game. Those who have placed bets on that position win, while others lose.

Naturally, if a tie occurs, only those who have bet on the tie position win.

Top Things You Need to Know About Online Baccarat

Even though this guide has covered the most important rules of baccarat, there are a few other things you should know:

Mini Baccarat Is the Most Popular Baccarat Variation

Mini Baccarat is the most popular version of baccarat in the world of online casinos. Punto Banco comes a close second, as the variation is largely the same. Still, Mini Baccarat is number one.

Macau’s Most Popular Game Is Baccarat

The most popular game in Macau’s casinos is baccarat. What’s more, this card game is played more than all other games combined. In most cases, 80%–90% of the total revenue of Macau casinos comes solely from baccarat.

Some Online Casinos Offer Reduced Commission Baccarat

The guide has already mentioned that the banker’s bet typically comes with a 5% commission rate that players need to pay if they win. However, many casinos choose to slightly reduce this commission fee, which makes placing bets on the banker’s position more favorable.

Baccarat Winning Strategies

Even though baccarat is a game of luck, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of winning:

  • Always bet on the banker position. You can alternate between that one and the player position, but it’s best to stick to the same one.
  • Never make the tie bet.
  • Limit yourself to smaller bets, especially if you are a beginner.
  • Set your budget before you start playing. Always have a dedicated gambling bankroll and never go over it.
  • Don’t make progressive bets like you would with the Martingale system. You’ll just risk losing your money incredibly quickly.

Baccarat Side Bets

Many baccarat variants come with side bets — the bets you can place beside the main three ones. Naturally, these are also based purely on luck, so there are no strategies you can use to win more money on them.

There are hundreds of different side bets in total. Of course, their availability largely depends on the casino you have opted for. Here are some of the most popular bets that are typically found in many baccarat casinos:

  • All red/all black — Here, you will be betting on whether the player’s hand will consist of all black or all red cards. The payout is 22:1 for all red and 24:1 for all black.
  • Big and small — With this one, you’ll be betting on the combined value of the player and banker cards. The payout is 3:2.
  • Double 8 –– This is a bet on both the banker’s and player’s hand having 8 points. The payout is 15:1.
  • Dragon 7 — In this one, the banker’s position is expected to win with a hand of three cards that are worth 7 points. The payout is 40:1.
  • Super 6 — If you choose this one, you’ll be betting on the banker winning with 6 points. The payout is 12:1.
  • Perfect pair — For you to win this bet, either hand will need to have a pair of cards of the same rank. The payout is 5:1.
  • Royal match — Here, you’ll be betting on a position having both a king and a queen in the first hand. The payout is 30:1.

Practice and Play Free Online Baccarat

Many online casinos offer their games for free, and the same goes for baccarat casinos. The free play or demo mode is the same as the real money one, with the only difference being that there is no real money involved.

You can use the free play mode to learn how to play the game and see how each variant you’re interested in works. However, bear in mind that you can’t profit from this, and you’ll have to eventually start playing real money online baccarat games if you want to win some cash and have a lot more fun.

Low-Limit Online Baccarat Games

Playing baccarat in real life can often be quite expensive. The minimum bet in most real casinos is $25, which is certainly a lot. It can sometimes be as low as $15, but it rarely goes below that.

However, with online baccarat, players get the chance to play with a lot less money, which is perfect for both beginners and more advanced players who don’t want to invest too much money in gambling.

In many cases, these low-limit online baccarat games allow you to place bets worth only $1 and sometimes even less.

Ways to Play Baccarat Online for Real Money

If you want to start playing baccarat online, here’s what you need to do:

  • Start by choosing an online casino that’s reliable and offers baccarat for real money. Almost every gambling platform that has table games in its game library offers baccarat, so there’s no need to worry about finding it.
  • Visit the official site of the casino and click on “Register” or “Join.”
  • Complete the account registration process that typically involves inputting your personal information.
  • Verify your account if you’re required to do so. This is another process that takes only a minute.
  • Claim the welcome bonus and make a deposit in the amount you want to use for playing.
  • Once the money clears, you can visit the game library of the casino. Choose the baccarat title you want to play and start having fun. You should also check the “How to Play” section of this guide to learn how to be a good baccarat player.

Mobile Casino Baccarat

Almost everyone can enjoy playing baccarat online. All good baccarat casinos offer the game on mobile devices, and players are not required to have expensive smartphones to have fun with it. They can do so quite easily by using any relatively new iOS or Android device.

The best part here is that the experience is almost identical to what you get on the computer. It might even be better in some cases, as phones often have better processors than computers and tend to have fewer bugs in general.

Live Dealer Baccarat Games

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Instead of playing regular baccarat games, players can always go for live dealer versions. Most baccarat casinos have live dealer baccarat games, which offer a slightly different experience — one that’s more akin to the experience you would get in land-based casinos.

You’ll have the chance to interact with the dealer and chat with other gamblers, which can make the whole gaming session much better.

The best part is that there’s no need to learn anything new, as these games work just like regular real money baccarat games. The same variations are there, and the only difference is that you’ll be watching a live stream of an actual baccarat table and the dealer.